Saklıkent - Tlos




Visit one of the oldest Lycian cities and a hidden city. 


You are going to be picked up from your hotel in the morning and drive to Tlos  which is one of the oldest residential areas of Lycia. In the Hitite archives from the 14th century BC there is mention of the city of Dlawa in the Lukka land, while it is called Tlawa in Lycian writings. A bronze axe found at Tlos belonging to the 11th century BC proves that both the city and the Lycians were is existence at that period. Tlos lived on during the Byzantian Period and is one of the few cities which continued its existence up to the 19th century. Then drive to Saklıkent where you will have your lunch near the river. The trip to Saklıkent, meaning the hidden city, is through a deep valley, by passing from the wooden quays towards the inner parts of Esen Çayı feeling cold even in the hottest day .To have cool day in the hot of Mediterranean summer, walking in the canyon is enough. After the tour transfer back to your hotel.